The discount code Google News has been using to save on Target’s products is one of the most popular and useful deals Google has ever offered.

But it has now been revealed that the discount code can be used up to six months after it has been activated.

Target says that a code that lasts up to 60 days expires on the first day of December. 

Target’s online sales team has said that it will be using the discount codes in place for a few months to test how they work. 

The discount code is available for US customers, UK customers and Canadian customers. 

We’re not sure what the next step will be for Target’s code, but it seems unlikely that it’ll be rolled out across the entire US. 

In the UK, it is still valid to activate the code once per month for a period of six months. 

A spokesperson for Target told Digital Trends: “This promotional code can only be used on eligible items at Target.

Target does not allow the use of the code on products other than those currently in stock at Target stores.

We’re constantly working to make Target’s stores as inclusive as possible.

We encourage customers to use our coupon code to save money and to use Target coupons at their own discretion.

For more information on this and other offers, please visit”