BMW is the most commonly owned vehicle in America and it has been for more than a century, according the latest American Automobile Association survey.

The survey, released on Tuesday, found that BMW was the most widely owned brand in the U.S. for the fifth consecutive year.

Boeing is number two, with 8.7 percent of the market, followed by General Motors at 7.5 percent and Fiat Chrysler at 6.4 percent.

For the fourth straight year, BMW beat out Toyota in the most valuable brand ranking, the survey found.

BMW’s success in the market has been driven in part by the company’s reputation for affordability, which is something the brand has done well in the past.

It’s no coincidence that the company is now in the driver’s seat of the U, too, the study found.

Its reputation is so good that the average owner of a BMW in the United States is willing to pay $1,000 more for the vehicle than a Toyota car, for example, the poll found.

It is no surprise that BMW’s dominance of the industry is in line with other auto companies.

Its Maseratis are widely seen as a great bargain, said Robert Buhl, a research associate at the National Automobile Dealers Association, which sponsored the survey.

“If you’re buying a used car, you’re getting a bargain.”BMW has been on a sales binge in the last few years, but the company had a tough year this year, losing $10 billion in sales and $12 billion in cash, the organization said.

That loss was driven in large part by lower demand for the vehicles and the cost of making them, Buhler said.BMW is also trying to stay ahead of the curve.

The company plans to launch a redesigned version of the Maseratis that will have a new design for a cheaper price.