The most popular online retailer, Costco, has been giving its customers a discount to their online purchases in an effort to keep the company profitable.

But the discount isn’t working, and Costco has found itself in hot water over its discounting practices.

In the past year, Costco has been accused of misleading shoppers, misleading consumers about discounts and misrepresenting prices.

Now, Costco is facing another scandal involving its discount program.

The online retailer has been facing scrutiny over a series of deals that were advertised in its catalogs.

In late May, a Costco catalog posted a discount for the first time in nearly a decade, as Costco faced pressure from consumers.

A new investigation by The Verge reveals the discount is not real, and some consumers are getting paid less than they expected.

In a statement to The Verge, Costco said that it “never makes any deals or offers to sell.

It never has and never will.

We do not sell to people who don’t want to buy, and we never will.”

In the catalogs posted on the Costco website, the company offered to give customers an incentive to purchase through its store and get a $15 discount if they sign up for a new Costco account.

Costco also promised to send a coupon code for the $15 rebate to consumers, and offered to let them make their purchases at participating Costco stores.

The company said that if customers don’t buy a new membership, they can cancel their membership through the store and earn the $10 discount.

While the catalog did not mention a $10 incentive, a copy of the catalog shows that Costco offered to send Costco members a $20 coupon code that would allow them to get a discount on a membership, even though the discount was only valid for the month of May.

The Costco catalog also included a discount code for a $25 credit for an additional $50 membership, though it didn’t mention the $50 credit.

The new Costco catalog was published on May 12, and it was removed from the site in late May.

But Costco said the discount code was still available to people in the United States.

The online retailer’s catalog also offered an extra $10 credit for a second membership in the coming weeks.

The Costco catalog is not the only catalogs to be accused of making deals that are not real.

Last month, a discount program for Costco customers was removed in the Philippines after a dispute with a local Costco outlet.

The discount program was created by a company called Discount Coupons, which claims to be an online shopping website.

Costco denied any wrongdoing in the removal of the discount program, and the company said it will continue to offer discounts to Costco members in the future.

However, Costco’s cataloging practices have also attracted scrutiny.

A former Costco employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Verge that he quit the company in 2016 because of the company’s discounting.

He said that he was a frequent Costco customer, but said that the company did not give him the information he needed to complete his purchase.

The former employee said that Costco did not disclose the discount codes or offer discounts until he asked for them.

He said that his purchase was completed in June 2016.

The former employee also claimed that Costco gave him the option to cancel the discount on his membership before he had to pay for it, despite the fact that the discount wasn’t valid.

Costco did tell the former employee that if he did not cancel his membership, Costco would send a check to the address on his credit card for the full amount.

But that option was not available to customers who were not members of Costco.

The employee said Costco also told him that Costco could cancel the discounts on his Costco membership for a set period of time, even if he was not a member.

Costco would then refund his membership for that period, but the former Costco worker said he didn’t receive a refund for that time period.

When asked if he had any complaints about Costco’s discount program or other discounts, the former staff member said that there were not many complaints about the company.

He also said that some customers had complained that Costco had changed its discount policy for the better, but that Costco’s online catalogs weren’t updated regularly to reflect the changes.

In an email to The Business Insider, Costco declined to comment further.