Grubhub has announced a significant change to its liquor offerings in the U.S. GrubHub will be introducing a discount liquor program.

The company is also expanding its online shopping options with a new loyalty program.

In addition, the chain will launch a new, premium wine- and spirits-only option that includes a limited edition, premium glass.

Grube is now offering a new $150 wine gift card, with the first 100 people to sign up receive one of five wines that will be available in their selected GrubHubs stores.

“We’ve seen a great response from our customers,” said GrubHQ’s CEO Mike O’Leary in a press release.

“The Grub Hub discount program will continue to provide great value for Grubers, and we will continue our efforts to help consumers shop for the best quality craft beverages, including new and discounted options.”

The new program will start rolling out over the next several weeks.

The chain’s new Wine Card, a $150 gift card that can be redeemed for up to five select Grubhubs wine, will be in stores starting Monday, February 2, with more stores to follow.

The Wine Card will be delivered via the company’s app, and Grub Hacks, a premium online shopping option, will launch next year.

The Wine Card is valid for Grubs wine only.

For the Wine Card to be valid for other products, it must be purchased through Grubhack.

GrubHacks will also be available at select Grubs retail locations.

The company says that it will provide a discount card with select Grumbhubs merchandise.

Grubs wine is available at participating Grubhaus stores in the first quarter of 2019.

The Grubs Wine Card offers up to a $1,000 credit toward a purchase at a select Grubi shop.

This credit is not transferable.