Deals on used cars and electronics often seem like an enticing opportunity for newbies.

They’re usually a way to save money, and there’s no shortage of bargains on the web.

However, as we’ve noted before, this sort of deal is often a bad deal for consumers.

There are some very savvy shoppers who will always look to the best deals available, and those bargains can often be found on discount sites such as Lowes.

There’s a lot of confusion over what constitutes a discount, so we asked Lowes to clarify what they mean by discounting.

What is a discount?

“We define a discount as a price that is lower than a competitor’s offering and has a similar value to the advertised price,” Lowes says.

“A discount is often advertised on a discount code.”

The key is that you have to use the code you’re looking for, not the price of the product you’re buying.

That’s why it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use the same discount code for every item on your list.

“Discounts are not a good idea when you are using a coupon to buy items that are not of equal value,” says Lowes senior marketing manager, Jennifer Kuepper.

“For example, we have customers who use the discount codes for new clothing, shoes and furniture, but do not use the coupon for new furniture.

The same rules apply to a discount on new car purchases.”

What do you do if you’re a newbie to discounting?

“A typical discount will include a lower price on the lowest-priced item on the list,” Kueber says.

If that doesn’t sound like a great deal to you, you might be thinking “I’ll just get my first car.”

If that’s the case, there are some things you should know before signing up for a discount.

“While you should always keep your eyes on the prize and never use discount codes to pay less for something, you should not use discount code when you’re making a purchase,” says Kueper.

“The value of a discount will vary based on the item you’re purchasing, and you should try to use your discount code only when you have a specific need to purchase the item.”

Here’s a look at what to look out for when looking for a discounted item.