Apple has been trying to reinvent itself for a decade, and the company has struggled to do so while simultaneously selling its hardware and services.

But now, as the company prepares to introduce its first iPad Pro and iPad mini on Wednesday, the company seems to be trying to do the same thing on mobile devices.

As CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg Businessweek in an interview published Thursday, “Windows is the next big thing for consumers.

The iPad Pro is a really good piece of hardware that we believe is going to help us take Windows 10 seriously.””

Apple is making an effort to become more accessible to a broader audience,” said Craig Federighi, an analyst at Gartner.

“I think it’s very, very obvious that they’ve got to do something.”

The iPad Pro may not have the best specs for a productivity device, but it’s also got a thinner bezel, a more powerful processor, and it runs iOS 9.

It’s also available as a cheaper version of the Apple Watch and a $159 version of an iPad Air 2.

And it’s been designed with a new screen and design that looks a lot more like an iPad than the iPad 2.

But while the iPad is Apple’s most prominent mobile product, Apple has had success on other platforms.

Its iPhones, for example, have sold over three million units.

And while Apple’s desktop operating system is far from the most popular platform, it is still the one most likely to drive revenue for Apple.

The iPhone is by far the company’s largest source of revenue, and while Apple is likely to have the highest growth rate on mobile in the next few years, its mobile business has also struggled.

Apple is hoping that the iPad Pro can help it regain the momentum it lost in the tablet space, especially in the face of a barrage of competitors.

“The iPad is the best selling tablet in the world right now,” said Federighis.

“It’s the most compelling product.

People are starting to come back to the iPad because it’s great.””

We’re in a pretty unique situation, because if you look at the trends in the market, tablets are not the most interesting product category right now.

I think the next couple years are going to be really interesting for Apple,” Federighs said.

Apple is planning to make some changes to the way it offers its iPad Pro.

First, the device will come with a dedicated docking station for it to connect to your Mac, so that it can act as a tablet in any environment, including in a car.

The company is also expected to introduce a more affordable version of its iPad Air with a smaller battery, which could help it compete against Microsoft and Amazon in the long run.

“We have an opportunity to change the trajectory of the iPad,” Federighs said.

“There’s an opportunity for Apple to do really well.”

In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek published Thursday , Cook also indicated that Apple is “planning to make Windows 10 the best thing for everyone,” which is in keeping with the company s recent focus on bringing back apps from Windows 10.

The Surface Book is Apple s newest tablet.

It comes in two sizes: the 4.7-inch version for those who want more room on the table, and a 5.5-inch model for those looking for more storage and portability.

Apple will also make the Surface Pen available for those on a budget, and Federighies company is offering free one-year trial versions of the new Surface Pro 4 for anyone with a Windows 10 subscription.

The Surface Pen is available for $249, and Apple will be making the Surface Pro Pen available to all customers, Federighys company said.

Apple has also started rolling out an “Apple Store” for Windows 10 users in New York City, in an effort “to offer the best shopping experience for the most people, across the globe.”

Apple is offering the store for free to anyone who has an Apple ID, and its first offer will be for the iPad.

The store will have all of Apple’s apps and games, and all of its popular accessories, like the Beats Audio EarPods and the Apple EarPix.

Apple also is offering a free trial version of a new iPhone XS and XS Max, and has begun selling a limited edition iPhone XR.

Apple will also be offering free upgrades for customers who buy the Surface with a paid Apple ID or with a Microsoft credit card for up to three years.

That will include Surface Pro 3 upgrades, as well as the Surface RT, a Surface Pro 5, a Pro 6, and Surface Pen upgrades.

The Verge is reporting that Apple will sell the Surface for $2,000 and the Surface Pros for $3,000 on Wednesday.

Apple said in its quarterly earnings report on Thursday that it will be selling both devices “for the first time ever.”