USA Today May 29, 2019 is using its wishlist service to offer a limited discount on certain items, a major departure from the traditional subscription-based business model for the online retailer.

According to a document obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the company will offer an exclusive wish list for items, as well as a $50 discount on each purchase, for customers who place a wish for an item on its wish list.

Wishlists are typically limited to certain products, which Amazon says are often in high demand and can take weeks to receive fulfillment, or can be limited to a certain size, the Journal reports.

The new offer is aimed at customers who want to purchase more items in a limited amount of time.

The WSJ adds that Amazon hopes that this special offer will entice customers to sign up for its wishlists and “increase their likelihood of receiving a great item.”

The WSJ says the limited wish list will be available from July 10 through the end of the year.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Mashable.