If you want to save money on your Apple Watches, you’ll be able to get one of the company’s military discounts at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Sears, Best Buy, and other major retailers starting tomorrow.

While these deals will be limited to Apple Watchers, you can use the codes in any Apple Watch app.

For example, you could try to buy a new Apple Watch Sport at Target and the Apple Watch at Walgens.

Apple Watch sales hit a new record last week, with sales of 2.5 million in the first three weeks of 2017, according to comScore.

This was the best sales performance in the company since 2012.

But it also means that Apple Watch sales are expected to fall off even further this year.

This is likely to be an even bigger problem for Apple in 2018, as Apple Watcher sales are predicted to fall well below the 1.5 billion units the company sold in the quarter.

The military discounts are coming in two flavors: a 20% discount and a 30% discount.

While both offer the same 20% off discount, there’s a special code that is used to get the discount.

The 20% code is available on the Target website, the Walgarts website, and on Target’s app, which will only work if you already have the watch.

Walmart, for example, offers the same code to all customers with a Target account.

For the 30% code, Apple will offer you the 30 percent off discount with the purchase of the watch, and there are no other restrictions.

The Apple Watch is available in different sizes, colors, and models, so there is no way to get a specific model number for your wrist.

The 20% and 30% military discounts will only be available for the Apple Watched category, which includes the Apple Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Apple Watchest, Apple Watch Classic, Apple Sport, Apple Pro Watch, and the more recent Apple Watch Edition models.

In other words, the military discount won’t be available to all Apple Watheds, but it will be available in certain categories.

The Apple Watch also comes with a few other cool features like an automatic sleep timer, new Siri voice commands, a new Quick Start Guide, and more.

Apple will have a few new watchfaces in the Apple WWDC 2017 event in March, so you can expect to see them on your wrist in the coming months.