The codes will only work on the selected items and will not work on items that have been previously discounted.

For example, you won’t get a code for the Apple Watch if you buy the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but a code would work for the MacBook Air, Apple TV, iPad, or MacBook Air 2.

You can also apply for discounts by entering a code that matches a product code on the checkout page of a retailer’s website.

To apply for the Amazon, Walmart, and Staples coupons, follow the instructions on the Amazon website and click on the green “Apply for Discount” button.

You’ll need to provide the information on the code.

The Apple and Target coupons will work only on items purchased at those stores that are listed on Amazon, Amazon, and/or Target’s websites.

In other words, you can’t use the coupon code on an item you already have at those two sites.

Apple is using the codes to give away $50 gift cards for the holidays, and they’re not available at Target, Walmart or any other retailer, the company said in a statement.