The Donald has signed an executive order reviving his plan to cut taxes for millions of Americans, but he may be the only person who can get the White House to sign off on it.

The White House is expected to sign the executive order by the end of the day, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The president signed the order at the White the White house, which is where the president usually spends his weekends, according the Journal.

Trump is likely to veto it.

But the president is not alone in signing an executive action.

The tax cut is part of a broader package that the Whitehouse has agreed to provide tax relief to Americans across the board.

The administration is also likely to announce a $2 trillion tax relief package this week, according Politico.

The budget proposal announced by President Trump last month was a big hit with Republicans.

Republicans were able to offset some of the tax cuts with cuts in Medicaid and other programs, though Trump did not include any spending reductions in the tax plan.

The Senate Finance Committee has been holding its annual tax-reform markup of the legislation for months, and the legislation will be debated this week.

The package also includes a massive increase in child tax credits and a big boost to the child tax credit, both of which are likely to be included in the final bill.