The University of Washington Student Discount Program is looking for students to receive discounts on their student discount contact lenses.

The program started in September and has been expanded to include more schools and communities.

The goal is to reduce contact lens costs and provide students with a more convenient, affordable way to contact the eye doctor.

The University of Waikato student discount program offers a student discount on their full face mask and contact lens at a discount of $75 for a maximum of $100 off the price of their full-face mask and $85 for a minimum of $125.

Students can also receive a $50 discount on the cost of a prescription for their eye doctor at a cost of $25.

The discounted price includes the cost for shipping and handling.

The discount applies to contact lenses sold at the University of New Zealand and can be applied to other University of Auckland and University of Canterbury student discounts as well.

The university’s student discount has become the largest discount in the United States.

The offer is available at all University of NZ and University at Albany campuses.

The UW student discount is also available at the universities of Newcastle, New Zealand, Wellington, and Rotorua.