The SteelSeries SteelSeries, an Xbox 360 gaming console, is going to be $50 off on Amazon this week, if you have a SteelSeries Elite Discounters coupon code.

If you want to get the discount and get the SteelSeries Xbox 360 Elite Discounter, you’ll have to spend $100.

This discount is valid on Amazon’s website for now.

You can get it through the coupon code on the front of the Steel Series Elite Discinters, as well as on the Steel discounters on

This is the first time that the discount code has been applied to an Amazon product since October 2017, when the deal was available for $40 off the $100 price tag on the Elite Discuits.

SteelSeries said that this offer applies to all retail sales, but it also offers a coupon code for those who pre-order SteelSeries discounters from Amazon.

So if you want the Steel series Elite Discurs, you can sign up for the discount on Amazon and spend $40.

You’ll also be able to redeem the discount for a Steel Series game console for $50, and the Steel line of Blu-ray players for $60.

The discount code is valid for SteelSeries products that were delivered to Amazon customers on or after January 31, 2018, and it’s also available to Prime members.

You also need to be a Prime member to apply the discount, which can be found on the Amazon Prime store.

If this promotion is available to you, it might not be the most cost-effective way to buy a new SteelSeries product.

Amazon is also now accepting pre-orders for the SteelDiscounters.

SteelSeries also announced that it will begin selling its new Steel Series discounters this week.

The $100 discount on the discounters comes on top of a $50 Amazon Prime discount that was announced on January 21.

SteelDiscs are a collection of premium gaming consoles from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC that are designed for people who like to watch TV, play games, and work on their PCs.