Posted by Reuters News on September 16, 2018 08:06:46Many students are learning a new way to save money on a trip to Disney World.

A new Disney resort coupon code has been added to many popular items at the theme parks.

Some students who have already booked Disney vacations in 2018 can now take advantage of the coupon code that lets them save up to $600 off their Disney Vacation Package, according to a Disney spokeswoman.

Students can also use the code to get free hotel stays in 2019 for up to three days.

A coupon code for Disney Vacations is currently only available to those who book online.

The code can be used to get up to 10 nights in a hotel or on a two-night resort package, with a maximum of one night per person per reservation.

The codes can also be used on the Disney website.

The Disney spokesperson told Reuters the resort discounts are currently limited to one hotel and three nights per resort.

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