It’s the biggest shopping day of the year and there’s a reason why it’s called the ‘Lululemn’ period: it’s a time to get special discounts on a wide range of products and services.

But there’s one special treat that’s even more special than that: it is the Nursing Discount Code (NDC) of Rs. 25.50 per day.

Nurses who take the Nursing Coupon can save up to Rs. 4,000 on their health insurance, as well as Rs. 6,000 per month on medicines and other supplies.

“This coupon will help us to save up Rs. 2,000, Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 5,000 for the month of January,” said a nurse at the NDC’s website.

“If you take it up for the next three months, we can save Rs. 10,000.

So you can save a lot of money during the month,” she said.NDP leader Uddhav Thackeray is also planning to launch a Nursing Discount Coupon Scheme in Uttar Pradesh next month.

“The first one will be in Uttaram.

I have a proposal for it,” Thackerays spokesperson said.

Nurses are also set to enjoy a 25% discount on medicines at pharmacies across the state, with the government also encouraging the use of NDCs to reduce COVID-19 cases and help curb deaths in the country.

The Nurses’ Association of India (NAI) has been campaigning for a nationwide NDC in the past.

But now, the nurses association is launching a nationwide campaign for Nurses, Nurses Day to encourage people to use the discount coupons.

An NDC is defined as “a discount voucher of a product or service purchased in the private or public sector for which the coupon has been used in the same transaction and which has not been redeemed within two months”.

“Nurses have been saving Rs. 15 lakh in COVIDs in the last two years, but now, we have to take care of the money.

The only thing we can do is give the discount coupon to our families,” said an NDC activist.

While it’s true that people will have to buy more drugs and equipment, there are also some who will find it a bargain.

A single-use NDC will cost Rs. 35.

“I have bought 10 items and I will save Rs 6,500 on these items.

That’s not a bad price for 10 items,” said one of the activists.

The Nursing Coupon has already helped save lives of over 3 lakh Indians since January 1.

The Government of India has already announced plans to introduce a special discount code for nurses and healthcare workers in a bid to ensure a “safer future” for the country’s 1.25 billion nurses.