Best Buy’s student discount code is now live at and is available for use starting at 5pm ET Monday.

The code is available to students, faculty and staff who purchased a Macbook, iMac, or other Apple products with the company’s Student Discount Program (SDP).

This offer is valid through the end of the month and valid for students, employees and faculty of all departments.

The $1.99 monthly fee is waived for students and employees.

Students and faculty who have purchased Macbooks, iBooks, iPad, and iPod touch computers from Best Buy for the past 30 days will receive this free code for a 15% discount on the Macbook or Macbook Air.

Students and employees can use this code up to five times per month.

This promotion will expire at midnight ET on Tuesday, March 28.

This discount code will expire 10 days after the last day of the promotion period.

The discount code expires 10 days from the last time a student or employee uses this offer.

The offer is good for students in the U.S. only and expires 10 business days after midnight ET.

Students can use the code on up to 10 purchases of Macbooks, iApps, iPad computers, and iPods from BestBuy beginning March 15.

The coupon code is valid for one-time use of $1 per purchase, but students and other eligible individuals may continue to use the coupon until the end and will not receive another discount.

To redeem the code, students or eligible individuals must first visit BestBuy to complete a verification process.

Students may also redeem the promo code on other Macbooks or other eligible Apple products that have been purchased with a Best Buy Student discount card or coupon.

For more information, visit

For the latest information on BestBuy’s student discounts program, go to