The ShutterFly site is a website for shooting film with flash, but there’s also a website where you can get a discount on camera shutterflies.

You’ll need to enter in the code at the top right of the page, and then you can redeem the code for a discount code from the site.

Here’s how to get the discount code.

To get a shutterfly code for your phone, open your phone and select ‘Settings’.

Select the camera app on your phone.

Select ‘Manual’ from the menu.

Scroll down and tap ‘Settings’ from there.

Select ‘Shutterfly’.

Tap ‘Get Code’.

Select ‘Card’.

Tap the ‘Card’ button and enter the code into the box.

Tap ‘OK’.

You can also use the same code to get a promo code for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

To find out more about the Shoptics app, check out the ShOptics website.