You can get a $30 Samsung student-only discount on all Samsung products, including TVs, computers, phones, and other gadgets.

The Samsung Student Discount Program allows students to receive an automatic $50 discount when purchasing electronics or electronics accessories from Samsung Electronics stores.

Students must enroll in the Samsung Student Program and be 18 or older to take advantage of the Samsung student discounts.

Students can find more information about the Samsung program and enroll in it by visiting the Samsung Students website.

The Samsung Student discount is good for one purchase per student per year.

Samsung Students will also receive a $50 gift card to use in the U.S. and Canada, and can use the Samsung gift card for purchases at select Samsung retail stores.

Samsung students can purchase a new Samsung device for $75, while the student discount is $50.

Students who enroll in Samsung Students can receive a discount of up to 75% on all accessories purchased at Samsung.

Students will receive an additional 15% discount on new purchases of accessories purchased through the Samsung Store and the Samsung Mobile Store.

Samsung student students are also eligible for the Samsung Pay service, which includes a $25 gift card.

Samsung Pay will be available for students through November 12, 2020.

Samsung students are eligible to participate in Samsung Rewards, which include discounts and promotions from Samsung.

The Rewards program is offered through select Samsung stores.

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