Apple is trying to get Macbook users on board with its new Student discount program.

As of Wednesday, Macbooks are available for $1,750 (or $1 at Macworld).

That’s a pretty good deal compared to other Apple laptops, including the MacBook Pro and the 13-inch MacBook Air, which come with a $2,799 price tag.

The $1 Macbook students discount is limited to a limited number of students who use the MacBooks to study or work.

The new Student discounts, which will be available until April 28, include:Adidas students: Adidas is offering $1 student discounts on Macbooks and iPads, starting April 28.

If you’re a Macbook user who’s enrolled in a degree program, you can earn up to $600 back in the form of tuition credits.

Microsoft students: Microsoft students will also earn a $200 student discount on Windows PCs and laptops starting April 29.

Adobe students: Adobe is also offering a $400 student discount for students who are enrolled in Adobe Creative Cloud courses and have Adobe Professional Tools installed.

Apple Students: Apple students can earn $1 back on their Apple MacBooks starting April 30.

Android Students: Android students can also earn $100 in Apple credit on Android devices starting April 25.

iTunes students: Apple students with an Apple Music subscription can earn a free iPod nano device starting April 21.

Mozilla students: Mozilla students can use a free Firefox OS device with a Firefox browser upgrade, as long as the device supports Chrome.