This is a great example of a coupon code.

It gives you a discount on any item purchased by a company.

That’s great, but you might be looking for a discount code that you can apply to any item you want. 

The coupon code you’re looking for can be found in your product description.

Here are the terms and conditions of this deal: 1. 

Your discount code must be valid for the entire calendar month of your purchase. 


Any item purchased through the coupon code must have been purchased by an authorized Lulululeme user and must be eligible for this offer. 


All eligible purchases made through this offer will receive a discount of at least 20% on eligible Lulules.


Offer valid on items purchased through and on


Valid on eligible merchandise only.


Not valid on purchases at Walmart, Costco, BJ’s, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and other participating retailers.


Must be used at least once per customer.


A 10% discount is applied to orders shipped within the United States.


Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are subject to additional shipping fees.


Discount codes can only be used once per order.

If you use more than one of these codes in a single order, you must delete the previous codes before using the new code.


In the event that a code expires, it will be automatically replaced.


Offer valid for all eligible items purchased at Walmart and Costco stores and on the platform.