Google has revealed that its educators can now get a free trial of the GoVX discount codes and also get the chance to get a discount code to unlock a new device.

The deal starts today and offers educators the chance of getting a discount of up to $50.

The promo code can be used towards a new Apple TV, Mac or PC device.

Apple is also offering a free upgrade for existing educators.

In order to get the discount code teachers will need to enter their email address into the email address bar. 

Teachers will also need to log in to their account through their email provider, which can be done from within the app.

If you have not already done so, go to your account page and select the “My Account” tab.

This will let you register your email address. 

You will then be presented with a page where you can create a password.

This password will then allow you to log into your account and access the discounted device.

This means that teachers are now able to get access to a free device and a discount on training. 

The promo code will not be valid for new teachers who are still in the education system.