You may remember when Boeing first announced that the first batch of 737 MAX jets would begin to be delivered to the US military starting in mid-2018.

Now, the same company has announced that US-owned and operated military jets will begin receiving 737 MAXs beginning in late 2019.

The first batch is the first of two planes to be assembled at Boeing’s new assembly plant in Canton, Michigan.

The company says that each 737 MAX will be manufactured at a new plant that is capable of producing 200 planes a year, a new milestone that will mean that Boeing will be able to build 1,200 planes a month.

The 737 MAX is the company’s second new-generation aircraft, and it will replace the company�s aging 737 MAX line, which has been out of service for more than three decades.

According to the FAA, the new 737 MAX aircraft will feature a new turbojet engine, a larger cabin, and a redesigned cabin, among other improvements.

These changes are designed to improve cabin comfort and efficiency and reduce noise levels.

Boeing says that the new aircraft will be the first aircraft in the company line of new 737-400 jets that are also being developed for export, but the company won�t say what the other planes will be like.