Recode is reporting that Amazon will be offering a discount for students on college textbooks, including textbooks for both classes.

The discount, which will apply to books for both the first and second years of college, will apply only to textbooks that have been purchased at least one year prior to the end of the semester, according to a press release.

Amazon will also be selling discounted textbooks that are available to students for free, which Amazon has confirmed with Recode.

It is not clear whether the discount will be applied to books that were previously sold through the college’s online store or online bookstore.

The press release also said that students who purchased a textbook before the end, or for any other reason, will be eligible to receive a free copy of the textbook for a year.

The announcement comes after Amazon made a number of moves in the past few months aimed at boosting its sales of textbooks.

In January, Amazon announced that it had reached a $1 billion agreement with Pearson Education, which owns The New York Times, to sell some of its textbooks.

And earlier this month, Amazon launched its “College” app for college students to help them save money on textbooks.