AARP, the American Hospital Association, and the Disney Parks are teaming up to offer a discount code to guests who buy their tickets through the Aarp hotel discount code.

The discount code will be available at Aarp Hotels, AARP’s hotels, Disney World Resort and Walt Disney World Resorts hotels.

You can use this code to save $100 on your next hotel room.

You can use the code to redeem a complimentary drink, snack, or meal at your next AARP event.

The code is valid through November 28, and is valid for the AARP-supported Disney and AARP member hotels only.

You will be able to use the discount code at your local AARP Member hotels.

For a full list of participating AARP hotels, go to: AARP will also offer the code at participating Marriott Resorts and Hyatt Regency properties.

The codes will also be available on the AARPS Facebook page.

The offer is available for a limited time and will be valid until December 31.

For more information on the offers, visit: https:/ /!/offer/ aarp-chicago/ Aarp will also host a live chat with guests at 7 p.m.

ET on Wednesday, November 21, from the Aarps offices in Chicago, and at 8 p.